Solution first or election?

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Do you think the Government of India is sincere about the peace process with the Nagas?


If the present NPF led DAN government is equally sincere for solution before election, should they resign their seats and put pressure on Delhi for early solution?


Do you think the Modi Govt should impose President’s Rule and prepare the ground for early solution?


Is it better to go for Assembly election and let the peace process take its time to bring about an inclusive solution of all Naga Political Groups?


In the current discussion over ‘solution or election’— share your understanding on what is the best way forward….



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  1. K.Dahrii sha.

    If India is sincerely admit the uniqueness of Naga’s History, then what is the importances of holding an election while solution for Nagas issue is at final stage. Naga will have its own election or what ever necessary arise. Election should not take in place of Solution.

  2. Along

    Since the term of the present Nagaland Assembly is also drawing to an end and because our present govt/MLAs are simply not capable to resign it will be best therefore to impose President’s Rule and use the period to prepare the ground for an early solution. The ACAUT in its recent statement also made a similar suggestion to the Govt of India

  3. kuknalim

    In my humble opinion, This is not the right time to ask such (Solution first or Election first) questions to the general public …as both the Naga National Workers and The State Politicisns have messed up the Naga society beyound repairable at this stage, terribly lost the public trust… Honestly Majority of the population of the state are fed up of these both sections of the society at this very mment. So better not ask such questions to general now ,…. if you really ask such questions right now, I am sure , definitely ,Two distinct discouraging answers are always Pre determined…

    1. Hardly few patriotics, nationalist , politicians and visionary Nagas will say Solution first (30% max.), where as the majority ordinary citizens and pseudo nationalist along with outsiders (20% population of the state) will favour Election first…(70% min.) in general(many are hunger for money or for revenge…).

    So what should be the ideal and right way to pursue…?
    Since the peace talk is based on the uniqueness of Naga history and gentleman agreement between the National workers and the GOI, according to the history and honest agreement the solutions be made without further delay…. there is no question of asking election fisrt or solution first…???

    Remember, The Pre determined usual delaying and betrayal techniques of the canning fundamentalist has far surpassed the fragile Naga patriotic’s honest and gentle approach…

    Beware dear Nagas….the enemy is very tactful enough as canning fox, lions and Woolves in sheep’s clothes ready to grab the best opportunity any time to finish her predators any moment from now…Don’t let the fallen history repeat again and again !!
    Be wiser, careful and tactful… .Kuknalim…!!!

  4. anonymous

    Why not completely boycott the election on both sides of the borders ….instead of sending repeated appeals/memorandums?

    “The falcon does not struggle when he is caught” – Moroccan Proverb – Hopefully we still have time and we are not like the falcon.

  5. reader

    Election has fixed tenure, whereas pol dialogue has No fixed time frame.. Better keep them separate!

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