Khango-led NSCN ready to talk, revokes decision on abrogating ceasefire

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Source: Nagaland Post


Acknowledging the efforts and appeal by NGOs and civil society organizations to restore the ceasefire agreement with Government of India (GoI), NSCN (K) led by Khango Konyak has decided to revoke its decision of unilaterally abrogating the ceasefire agreement with immediate effect.


It may be recalled that NSCN (K) had unilaterally abrogated ceasefire in March 2015, leading to multiple violent incidents, including attacks on security forces.


In a joint statement, NSCN (K) chairman and president, Khango Konyak and general secretary Isak Sumi Thursday informed that the group, after holding wide consultations with civil society groups during the past one month and keeping in view the positive response by GoI, resolved to revoke the unilateral decision of abrogating the ceasefire.


“Therefore, we expect GoI to respond positively by honouring our decision to revive ceasefire in the interest of peace in Nagaland and Naga people in general,” they said.


Following weeks of speculations and the mediation by Nagaland GB Federation (NGBF), which was endorsed by the Khango-led NSCN (K) group to act as go-between, both Government of India and Khango-led group purportedly agreed to clear the decks and begin the process of negotiation.


Nagaland GB Federation had disclosed that the federation, during its meeting with the Khango-led group at Yankhao village on October 25, was officially endorsed to pursue the issue with the Centre in order pave the way for the group to enter into ceasefire at the earliest.


It may be mentioned that the Khango-led NSCN (K) had placed a four-point demand to the GoI for consideration– lift ban imposed on NSCN and removal of terrorist tag; rescind the bounties placed on NSCN leaders; repeal AFSPA/DDA on the enforced Naga areas and unconditional release of NSCN cadres arrested after the abrogation of ceasefire and undergoing trials or serving sentences in different prisons across the state/country.


According to NGBF, the Centre, in response to NSCN (K)’s four-point demand also issued a statement saying it “never abrogated the ceasefire with NSCN (K), but NSCN (K) walked away from ceasefire in March 2015. But, government of India still stands and welcomes NSCN (K) for peace talks.”


The statement also mentioned that government of India had no objection for NSCN (K) to maintain their entity.


It stated that as soon as NSCN (K) comes into peace process dialogue with the Centre, ban on NSCN (K), terrorist tag and bounties on its leaders will be automatically removed/close.


Further, the statement reportedly mentioned that the Centre welcomed NSCN (K) for peace talks anytime.


However, Centre said it was committed to solve the Naga issue with one comprehensive solution and therefore cannot have many agreements.


Centre also conveyed that it was not in a state to take up third party with fresh negotiation at this juncture. However, GoI stated that there should not be any insecurity on the part of NSCN (K).


NGBF said NSCN (Khango group) accepted the conditions set forth by the Centre and acceptance letter was handed over to the GoI through NGBF in New Delhi for further discussion.


In the light of the development, NGBF had urged Centre to promptly respond to the peace offer and resume talks at the earliest. It also appealed to all Naga political groups to unite and join the peace process for early solution.

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