The Naga Republic is a publication of Restore Life.


An online media space, The Naga Republic is neither a full-fledged news nor research organization. It is rather an attempt to create a new media model that has a mix of information—news, views, useful data, entertainment and research topics.


In a media environment where there is a surge and outpouring of information, some of them without proper verification and professional editing, The Naga Republic aims to create a media platform that gives balance and guidance to its readers and to make it convenient for them to choose from a handful of carefully selected quality content.


Our focus will on quality media content—news, views, information—and its proper dissemination i.e. without the noise, spin and sensationalism. We at The Naga Republic will inform and communicate in a way that help readers understand the complex world around them and endeavor on our part to make sense of it in our reporting, commentary etc.


The Naga Republic is also an attempt to bring informed thoughts and ideas to the public space in order to facilitate research, policy inputs and working towards problem-solving through the meeting of minds.


We will aim to be a vibrant online platform for Nagas, India and the world.


More about The Naga Republic and its core ideas and vision will be updated later.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



 Along Longkumer

Founding Editor, The Morung Express