Video message from FNR on the upcoming Naga Day

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Video message from the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) on the upcoming Naga Day on January 10, 2018. Rev Dr Wati Aier, Convenor of the FNR speaks about the important work of peace, unity and reconciliation among the Nagas and how the FNR through the Naga Day aspires to bring the Naga people together and “to come and stand together as one people”.

For Ebook: Book on Naga Day by Forum for Naga Reconciliation

Download available :

Second edition of the Naga Day book (with the original copy of the Simon Commission)


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  1. Enoch

    Thank you Dr. Wati Aier and all those who pursued for the welfare and peace of the Naga brotherhood! Thank you and I’m looking forward for the Naga day!

  2. Nchubomo kyong

    I appreciated the massage and I proud of our Nagas to Conduct Naga day by Coming year,I thank the Nagas Army and Civil Society Leaders to Struggle our Land without give up,Because of Struggling till today our Nagas Ambitions is going to Achieve soon.So Dear Nagas Try to unite amongst us and go forward in a positive way.

    Thanking you
    May god bless our land


    Looking forward for Naga Day 2018.

  4. Mashingbou Chawang

    May the Lord Almighty give Peace , Respect and Brotherly Love in every Naga’s heart and Soul to becoming the ONE NATION and live as ONE .

  5. Kivika

    I have always looked forward posotively with this initiation from its inception.
    But Nagas at large must be educated from the root to inherit this ultimate reconsilation.
    Church, educated and every nagas particularly in their own individual capacity should aslo play a vital role for better coexistence.
    Larger part has been achieved in bringing the nagas together and anticipating further that FNR would be the main catalyst.
    Great message God bless nagaland…

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