DGP Nagaland initiates social media platform for citizen centric policing

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Underlining the importance of Information Technology systems in the field of communication, Director General of Police, Nagaland has initiated a social media platform to digitally connect with the public. Through this medium, the general public, civil society organizations, Government servants, police officials or any other stakeholder of the society can directly forward / share / input grievances, suggestions or any other information to improve policing or even report instances where police intervention is required.


To serve this purpose, a separate cell is being envisaged at the Police Headquarter, Kohima which would initially remain functional from 08 am- 06 pm on all working days. Depending on the response of the public and the quantity of messages / information, the same would be made functional 24×7.


This social media cell would primarily work with 3 tools : through Whatsapp at phone  number 8258829982, through Facebook -DGP Nagaland (D <space> G <space>  P<space>Nagaland) and through Twitter- @DGP Nagaland (DGP<underscore> Nagaland)


The concept of having this platform of connection is to give a proactive and dynamic platform of responding to the concerns of the public. Further, it is felt that digital means of communication has the advantage of Transparency and Accountability besides speed which would also augment the essence of e-governance that the government has been actively promoting.


One can forward their complaints, grievances and suggestions under any of the following heads :


  1. Election Offences


–                     Proxy voting, Vote buying, Booth Capture


  1. Anti-Social activities impacting law and order


–                     Extortion, Demands, Arms related issues, human trafficking, drug trafficking or any other form of organized crime.


  1. Public Peace and Tranquility


–                     Unlawful Assembly and Rioting, Social Disharmony (Inter-tribal, inter-village, inter-community), Bandhs and Protests, matters where Police intervention may be required.


  1. Economic Offences


–                     Syndicate system, Fake currency, Chitfund cases, MCM schemes, Cyber offences or frauds, recruitment related scams etc.


  1. General Offences


–                     Offences against Human Body, Property Offences


  1. Miscellaneous


–                     Contempt of lawful authority, offences affecting public health and safety


Knowing that there are many people in Nagaland with genuine concern to improve the society at large and their voice must be heard and acted upon, the Nagaland Police has appealed to the public to actively express themselves for Nagaland Police to better serve the people. Identity of the informant will be protected as required/requested and due recognition will be given as per propriety.


Note: The above initiative by the present DGP Nagaland Rupin Sharma was taken a few months back after his appointment as DGP.


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