Khango Konyak legitimate Chairman and President: NSCN (K)

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In an indication of growing chasm between Nagas of India and Myanmar in the NSCN (K) organisation, one group today claimed that ‘Lt. Gen. (Retd.)’ Khango Konyak remains its legitimate chairman and president.


A statement from Isak Sumi, the MIP kilonser of the NSCN (K), on Friday (September 28) asserted that Konyak was ‘popularly elected by a unanimous 100% vote of the entire party workers and council members in June 2017.’


Sumi, said a ‘failed coup’ was attempted by a ‘handful of kilonsers, deputy kilonsers and middle-ranking Naga army officers all belonging exclusively to Pangmi tribe at the instigation of Meitei underground groups and ULFA.’


Stating that the impeachment of a president can be initiated and passed only by two-third majority of the central council, Isak Sumi said the impeachment of Konyak was imposed arbitrarily ‘without acquiring even a quarter of the quorum.’ He termed the impeachment ‘unconstitutional, illegal, and invalid.’


Below is the full statement issued by MIP, NSCN (K)


Regardless of the failed coup attempt by handful of Kilonsers, Dy. Kikonsers and middle ranking Naga Army officers all belonging exclusively to Pangmi tribes, Lt. Gen.(Rtd) Khango Konyak remains the legitimate chairman and President of NSCN/GPRN as elected popularly by a unanimous 100% vote of the entire party workers and council members on June 2017 and oath of office administered by an ordained reverend swearing upon Holy Bible.


The impeachment of the President can be initiated and passed by 2/3rd majority of the Central Council, where as the renegades at the instigation of Meitei UG groups and ULFA without acquiring even a quarter if the quorum arbitrarily imposed the impeachment which is unconstitutional, illegal and invalid and therefore stands nullified.


Not a single NSCN leaders from India occupied Nagaland were consulted or involved in this illegal process.


The Pangmi renegades in order to enter into Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) and become a full fledged Myanmar citizen forcefully attempted to usurp the power, these flock of conspirators went to Nyapidaw, met the Junta leaders and plotted together to oust Khango Konyak who has always been a staunch opponent of NCA and Panglong Conference so that they could conveniently enter into NCA and reap all the dispensations from Myanmar government.


The ringleaders of the splinter Pangmi sect will be endowed with huge monetary bonus and other lucrative offers in the form of Gold and Jade mining licenses and permanent citizenship privileges anywhere in Myanmar. They will also be entitled to contest in Myanmar Union election by renouncing the Nagas historical sovereign rights.


Meanwhile, the Meitei propaganda machinery in their haste exaggerated the profile of the usurper Yonghong who is a non-Christian and a devout Hindu and Buddhist at the same time as a graduate and a martial art expert, where as the fact is that Yonghong is an under-metric nurtured and brought up by Meiteis from class 1-IX at Imphal and fully indoctrinated by Meitei ideologies and is thus always opposed to Naga integration and peace efforts with India. A Meitei by culture and mindset, Yonghong is just a mere puppet of Meiteis and can never represent the Naga interest in any platform.


The Pangmi sect connived with the Myanmar Army and mounted full scale military operation to assassinate His Excellency Khango Konyak. The offensive is still continuing to hunt down NSCN/GPRN workers guided by the Pangmi renegades, however in order to avoid bloodshed the NSCN Naga Army is exercising utmost restraint despite extreme provocations.


Almost all the high ranking officers and hundreds of Naga Army cadres from the GHQ, various brigades and battalions have reaffirmed their loyalty on Khango’s leadership including. Kilonsers and top civil workers especially from the west Nagaland have also pledged their support on Khango’s leadership.


Backed by more than 500 and still many more readying to join hands, the NSCN/GPRN led by Khango Konyak shall continue to defend the rights and identity of the Nagas and we are also seriously considering the Naga people’s genuine appeal for peace and political dialogue with Government of India.


Meantime, we appeal to the Naga people to extend every co-operation and prayers so that our struggle will be fruitful and in reciprocity to the desires and aspirations of the Naga people.


We make this appeal to all the right thinking Naga citizens to immediately cease wasting resources and energy for the renegade group who have complied to become Myanmar citizen and yet create disturbances and fear psychosis in the western Nagaland so that they could continue to run their illegal extortion racket by keeping the Nagas at ransom on the pretext of National struggle.


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