Breaking News: Election Commission order puts end to dispute within NPF

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An order from the Election Commission of India (ECI) issued on January 9, 2018 and accessed by The Naga Republic has finally put an end to the bitter power struggle within the Naga Peoples Front (NPF), which had pitted two warring factions against each other. One group was led by veteran regional leader Dr Shurhozelie while the other was led by former Chief Minister and present Lok Sabha Member of Parliament Neiphiu Rio.


The ECI in an order issued on January 9 by Pramod Kumar Sharma, Secretary, stated that the petition filed by Neiphiu Rio under paragraph 15 of the Symbols Order be dismissed as withdrawn as the Commission has accepted the request of the petitioner to withdraw his petition pertaining to Naga People’s Front.


“Accordingly, the petition filed by Shri Neiphiu Rio is hereby dismissed as withdrawn. The Party is directed to submit the authenticated list of office bearers of the party including the list of Central Executive Council members”, stated the 3-page order from the ECI.


The Commission issued the order based on the application dated December 11, 2017 by Rio seeking to withdraw the petition filed by him under Paragraph-15 of the Symbols Order. As reported in the media, Rio had resigned as the NPF President “taking into consideration, the evolving political situations of the past few days in the State of Nagaland”.


The ECI also took note of the copy of a communication by Rio addressed to T.R. Zeliang, with a copy endorsed to Dr. Shurhozelie, referring to the latter as NPF President. In the said communication Rio had mentioned about lack of support to him within the party and stated that he was resigning from the post of President of the Party.


Similarly the ECI order mentioned about the application submitted by Dr. Shurhozelie on December 15, 2017 referring to the application of Rio. Also in the said application, Dr. Shurhozelie stated that he was elected as the party President on four occasions in the past, including his election in 2014 and that he continues to be the President of the Party and his present term is up to 2020.


Dr Shurhozelie had also submitted to the ECI that a general convention of active members of the party was convened on November (22-11-2017) as per the provisions of the party constitution in pursuance of the order dated 17-10-17 of the Commission, and his presidentship was reaffirmed by the general convention. Dr. Shurhozelie also filed affidavits of support to him from 38 MLAs of the party in Nagaland.


“Having considered the documents pertaining to the case and the application of Sh. Neiphiu Rio, the petitioner who filed the petition under paragraph 15 of the Symbols Order, the Commission has accepted the request of the petitioner to withdraw his petition pertaining to Naga People’s Front. The Commission has directed that the petition relating to dispute in Naga People’s Front be dismissed as withdrawn”, stated the order from the ECI.


For text of full order from the Election Commission of India click on the link below-

Election Commission order on dispute within NPF

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