Peace rally calls for early finalising of Indo-Naga political talk based on Framework Agreement

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By Tenno Pheiray | Naga Republic News


Tangkhul Civil Society organised a rally today at Ukhrul Headquarter in support of early finalisation of the Indo-Naga political talks based on the August 3, 2015 historic Framework Agreement.



In spite of the torrential rain, over a thousand people participated in the rally. The rally started from Dungrei Junction and TNL Ground and converged at Mini Secretariat Complex. President of United Naga Council (UNC), Gaidon Kamei, Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) President Weapon Zimik and Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL) President Grace Shatsang delivered speeches during the rally.


The rallyist submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister of India through Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul.


The memorandum reads:


  1. That, any political agencies or state machineries jeopardizing the peace process must be condemned as common enemy of Nagalim and India


  1. That,  the early solution to the Indo-Naga political issue is considered the hand for lifting the veil of hardship inflicted thus far upon the Naga community.


  1. That, various agencies and forces of the Government of India are indifferent to the wellbeing of the Naga community in view of the delayed solution.


  1. That, the Government of India can maintain better relations with other governments in this global world by creating conducive atmosphere of peace and tranquility with the Nagas.


  1. That, sanctity of the ceasefire ground rules be maintained in Nagalim


  1. That, the sincerity and the integrity of India will be put under the strength of a shoe string if the voice of the public goes unheeded.


The memorandum was signed by President of Tangkhul Naga Long,  Tangkhul Shanao Long,  Tangkhul Kapamnao Saklong,  Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long,  Tangkhul Naga Ato Longphang (North) , Tangkhul Naga Zingsho Longphang (Eastern) Tangkhul Naga Zingtun Longphang (Western)  and Tangkhul Naga Aze Longphang (Southern).


The memorandum was also copied to Ato Kilonser, NSCN/GPRN, Home Minister, Government of India,  R. N.  Ravi, Interlocutor and Chairman, Ceasefire Monitoring Cell.




The memorandum also expressed sincere appreciation and acknowledgement of the statesmanship of the Prime Minister of India and the NSCN collective leadership on hammering out the historic Framework Agreement of 3rd August 2015.


The protracted talks and the prevailing conditions and circumstances by various external agencies and forces have compelled the people to long for early solution, it stated.


In spite of the numerous problems being faced, the Naga people have the utmost faith and belief in the Government of India under the able leadership of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, the memorandum affirmed.


Today’s rally earnestly appealed to the Government of India to expedite the Indo-Naga political solution at the earliest based on the spirit of the Framework Agreement.



Gaidon Kamei, President of United Naga Council (UNC) in his speech mentioned that the historic Framework Agreement was signed three years ago and the Naga people have been waiting eagerly, patiently and prayerfully for the final agreement. He remarked that due to lack of commitment by the Government of India, the situation is dragging worst.


On behalf of the Naga people of South Nagalim, President of UNC invited the attention of Prime Minister of India to expedite the peace process, to settle the Agreement at the earliest possible time. “This is the total sentiment, opinion and view of the Naga people, delay will only invite more problems”, he asserted.


UNC President called upon all Nagas to reason on the future. He asserted that Naga future is not secure under this present system. “Our land, our identity, our people are not secure”.


Directly or indirectly, Government of India has been using forces to sabotage, hijack and to derail the peace process, added UNC President.  Everywhere in Naga inhabited area, this has been the policy of Government of India since day one, he stated.


“They have applied several mechanism to suppress the people movement but they fail every-time”, he added.  “The only solution to this problem is total commitment from the Government of India”.



UNC President appealed the people to stand strong for the issue and expressed solid support to the Collective Leadership.


Weapon Zimik, President Tangkhul Naga Long in his speech remarked that there is much greater challenges from within and outside.  He mentioned that many Indian leaders including successive Prime Ministers of India have exhibited sensitivity and wisdom in addressing the Indo-Naga political issue.



According to him, the big breakthrough was made on 3rd August 2015 by signing the Framework Agreement between the Naga people represented by NSCN and Indian people represented by Government of India.


Weapon Zimik informed that the solution is still being delayed for more than two years even after the signing of historic Framework Agreement. This according to him was also a reminder of the “complex nature of the issue”.


The TNL President implored every Naga and Indian to give every possible support for bringing peaceful and honourable solution.  He also appealed to the authority to restraint their military wings and instead to allow them to participate in ushering and facilitating in bringing peace to the region.


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